SUM Insurance


The renewable energy sector is here to stay and posed for explosive growth as Canada looks to balance energy demand with sustainability.

Already a world leader in wind and solar generation, Canada is expected to outperform global installation rates for the foreseeable future. These sources are supplemented with biogas and hydro, together forming the future of Canada's energy strategy. Become part of the solution using SUM's best of class Renewable Energy Programme.

SUM has partnered with deeply experienced Underwriters insuring a vast network of renewable energy installations. Our programme can tackle your clients' needs from transit, to installation, to operation- with a package or mono-line solution offering broad insuring agreements, flexible underwriting appetite and unsurpassed capacity. All in real time, the only time that matters to you.


Our insureds range from Independent Developers, Financial Institutions, EPC Contractors, Consultants and a wide spectrum of contractors. Coverage is available for all types of energy projects and operations, including but not limited to:

  • Wind - onshore and offshore
  • Solar - photovoltaic cells and active solar thermal
  • Biomass and bio fuels
  • Waste to Energy Biogas - landfill gas and anaerobic digestion
  • Marine renewables - wave and tidal
  • Hydro sites
Coverage comes in a menu format, and you can opt for:
  • Marine and/or transit
  • Construction All Risks
  • Operation All Risks
  • Loss, or potential loss, of revenue
  • Mechanical and Electrical Breakdown
  • CGL, Pollution, Wrap-Up, Errors & Omissions, Directors and Officers Liability and more...


Our product provides you with competitive advantage including but not limited to:

  • Premiums start at $5,000!
  • Access to expert underwriters currently insuring over 10,000 wind turbines and 10,000 + Mw of Solar, Biomass and Hydro production
  • First class A- Rated Lloyds security and matchless limit capacity
  • 'All Risks', blanket breakdown cover written on a combined form with our property offerings, ensuring no gaps in cover
  • Dedicated claims and engineering resources
To name just a few


Renewable Energy projects are complex. SUM Renewable Energy is with you every step of the way...

From Transit:

  • Marine All Risks for cargo including air freight, road haulage and sea freight;
  • Delay in Start Up Protection due to a delay in completion following accidental loss of or damage to cargo.

To Construction:

  • Contractors All Risks for civil works, turbine installation and construction equipment;
  • All Risks cover for site plant, equipment and hired-in plant;
  • Testing and commissioning;
  • Advance Loss of Revenue due to a delay in completion of the contract following accidental loss of, or damage to, the site;
  • Loss of Hiring charges.

To Operation:

  • All Risks cover for perils including fire, lightning, malicious damage, storm, theft, accidental damage, and mechanical breakdown;
  • Loss of Gross Revenue including inflation provision;
  • Extensions are available to cover failure of power to the site and/or failure to supply customers and subsequent damage to their premises.

Including all Liabilities

We can include CGL, Employers, Products, Pollution, Contractors contingent, and Wrap Up Liability Covers.

With Specialist Extensions Available:

  • Electrical and Mechanical Breakdown Risks where the manufacturer's warranty has expired
  • London Engineering Group (LEG) 3 Defect Cover
  • Offshore property
  • Waivers of Subrogation
  • Adverse weather delays
  • Extended warranties
  • Performance guarantees
  • Performance bonds
  • Lack wind/sun derivatives
  • Political Risk
  • Credit Risk