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Commercial General Liability insurance is the cornerstone of every Business's casualty program, making it the most widely bought liability cover in Canada. Few risk transfer products can rival the value and utility of the "CGL". It is the comprehensive nature of the product itself that gives rise to wide dislocations in the general liability marketplace; while every company needs CGL coverage, not every class of business finds it readily available. Social inflation and constantly evolving categories of liability make the CGL more valuable than ever to mitigate your client's risk in a volatile business climate.

SUM Insurance aligns first class security with creative underwriting expertise and top notch service to solve your CGL placement challenges. We underwrite Canadian domiciled insureds with a product tailored appropriately to each risk at hand. Our CGL appetite is as diverse as Canada's economy, and includes but is not limited to:

Premise hazards: sports playing facilities, playgrounds, amusement parks and tourist attractions, fair grounds and stadia, day cares and social welfare centers, martial art and fitness studios, tanning salons, schools and academies, special events from parades to concerts, camp grounds, vacant and abandoned sites, dams, unions, political parties, government services, First Nations risks and many other varieties of domestic premises risks that your clients may present you with;

Operations hazards: high-hazard contracting such as demolitions, blasting, excavation, underpinning, shoring, building moving, welding, roofers, playground installations, railroad and airport work and most others, wrap up liability, railroads, pyrotechnicians, temporary seating, equipment rentals, elevating devices, and many other classes presenting placement challenges;

Products hazards: human food processing, animal feeds, cosmetics and cleaners, medical, dental and scientific diagnostics, equipment and supplies, mobility aids, fireworks, infant furniture, elevating devices, automobile parts, sports protective equipment, toys, bicycles, recycled materials, gun smiths, agricultural or industrial tools and machinery, automobile parts and many others for Canadian manufacturers and importers with sales in Canada, to the United States (no maximum percentage) and abroad.

Reasonable Expectations: Many insurers will write tougher lines of business only if or when excluding key perils. This dramatically reduces the efficacy of their CGL product. SUM Insurance has identified several segments commonly mistreated in the marketplace, and offers full and appropriate CGL cover:

Participant injury hazards: sports associations, clubs, leagues, teams, competitions and tournaments, adventure outfitters, hunting and tour guides, amusement device operators and rentals and a myriad of other pursuits and activities that may injure those taking part;

Environmentally/human health related hazards: chemical blending, herbal and natural supplements and foods, water wells and works, remediation and abatement contractors (such as asbestos, mould, UFFI, lead, tank, silica and PCB removal), landfills, recyclers, environmental product manufacturers, pesticide, herbicide and fertilizer applicators, exterminators and many other classes;

Efficacy or Failure to Perform hazards: arising from either operations or products hazards, such as the protection industry (please see our Security & Protection Product section for full details), medical equipment supply, installation and service, life safety products including fall protection and ventilation equipment, communication devices, monitors, alarms and other security product manufacturers and importers;

Abuse Liability: Organizations of all kinds face an increasing risk of allegations of abuse and molestation perpetrated by staff or volunteers in positions of trust. SUM Insurance offers a companion cover fully insuring this hazard on most classes where appropriate risk management policies are in effect.

In SUMmary, our underwriters can tackle:

  • Risks presenting frequency and severity;
  • Claims problems;
  • Short term and one off risks;
  • The new, creative, unusual, unique or complex.

We want to be your first and last call for your CGL placement challenges. Please try us today!

We pay 15% commission standard, generally do not charge policy fees and have a $1,000.00 minimum premium.

Our diverse CGL appetite is matched with broad cover and best of class service. Please review the links on this page for Placement notes, Coverage highlights and Applications.