SUM Insurance


The protection industry presents special demands on the Broker and Underwriter, driven by the efficacy ("failure to perform") hazard inherent in this diverse segment. Security guards, alarm installation and monitoring, call centres, sprinkler and fire protection installations and service, and safety device manufacturers demand a customized bundle of coverage to address their needs. SUM has assembled broad coverage, quality capacity and industry leading expertise together to solve even your most challenging protection industry placements. Our bundle of CGL, Professional, Property & Crime coverage is the most flexible in the country, backed by best of class security and delivered in real time by our deeply experienced and empowered Underwriters. We can write these coverages mono-line or as a package to meet your needs. Try us today - we want to earn your Security and Protection business!

Our appetite includes, but is not limited to:

Security Guard Services (we can consider airport work, special events and doormen in most cases), Armoured Car services, Bailiffs, Private Investigators, Guard & Private Investigator training centres and academies, Sprinkler contractors, Alarm Monitoring, Fire Extinguishers & CO2 Systems installation and service, Alarm and CCTV Installation and service, Locksmiths, Telephone Answering - Paging and Call Centres, Manufacturers/Distributors of Protection Systems and products (including protection personnel equipment such as bullet proof vests,), and US products liability without a sales limit.

Our premiums start at just $850.00. We pay 15% commission.