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NEW: download the brochure on our New Environmental Consultants E&O programme here

In the past decade environmental coverage has emerged as a key component in well-designed casualty insurance programmes. Keeping pace of emerging trends (nano technology, alternative energy, and bio-tech to name but a few) and ever changing regulations is in itself challenging. Coupled with the wide variance in coverage offerings in the market place, finding a trusted and able Underwriter is critical in this increasingly bought yet often misunderstood product line.

SUM Insurance is pleased to underwrite what has become one of the leading Environmental Insurance programmes in Canada. In collaboration with first class markets, we offer a full product suite, encompassing site specific, non-site specific and/or project specific coverages. This enables us to tackle a wide variety of risks; from contractors and remediation operations, to tanks, to products/completed operations hazards, the transportation sector and Environmental Consultants.. Our broad underwriting authority and deeply experienced team allows us to present an inimitable value proposition to you: top-notch service, competent product advice, flexible underwriting and competitive terms and commissions.