SUM Insurance



(Please refer to Section 6.2 of the Policy)

In the event of an incident that may lead to Loss under the terms of the Policy, the Insured will contact the Retained Consultants, red24 plc, Crisis Response Management Centre.

Please note that red24 is wholly independent of the Underwriters and is a specialist crisis management consultancy company. The Crisis Response Management Centre is staffed by crisis specialists that will be able to respond as appropriate to the needs of the Insured.

red24 is available globally, twenty four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week, on a priority basis to advise, assist and respond to an Insured Event involving the Insured named in the Schedule. Please note that notification to the red24 Crisis Response Management Centre is independent of, and does not supersede, Policy requirements of notice to Underwriters.

The 24-hour crisis response contact number for the CRISIS CENTRE HOTLINE is:

Global: 24 hour Crisis Response Management Centre #44 (0)200 500 0570

United States: 24 hour Crisis Response Management Centre 1 (0)866 392 4204

Please quote Policy Number as stated in the Schedule if available. Callers will speak Directly to or receive an immediate callback from a relevant qualified/experienced consultant.

In the event of an incident that may be covered under this Policy, and whether or not red24 have been contacted, one of the following Company representatives are to be notified in compliance with Section 6 of this Policy:

Business TelephoneBusiness Facsimile
Stuart Pearl (Claims Manager)#44 (0)203 023 4020#44 (0)203 023 4000
Adam Parsons (Senior Underwriter)#44 (0)203 023 4020#44 (0)203 023 4000

All written communications should be addressed to:

Ark Synicate Management Limited
(Syndicate 4020 at Lloyd's of London

30 Fenchurch Avenue
United Kingdom